"Get information from raw data"

Fields of applications

da-cons can analyse, visualise and archive all image formats. Our clients come from a wide variety of sectors, but regardless of the topic you are dealing with, we can use the latest, high-tech imaging processes to add value to your projects. We can considerably increase your findings, dramatically improve quality and allow you to save time and money.

The fields in which we work include:
  • Agribusiness: Modular system for phenotyping
  • Cosmetics: The effect of a cream on the skin’s structure
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Verification of an active substance in live 3D cultures
  • Toxicology & Life Science: The effect of a substance on the movement patterns, size or development of an organism
  • Developmental biology: Cell tracking and statistical analysis of developmental processes
  • Geology: Soil comparisons (e.g. natural gas and crude oil exploration)
  • Chemical industry: Behaviour and effects of molecules
  • Materials research: Quality, development, behaviour, forms


We also offer the following technical processes:

  • File format conversion
  • Image preprocessing
  • Image stitching, registration & fusion
  • Cell tracking
  • ... and much more!

Let’s talk about your project. Please feel free to contact us!