"Get information from raw data"

Life Sciences

In the area of life science we support you in the analysis of dynamic processes or strucutres of living organisms over the time.


Determination of growth of racine

A research project of the Goethe university, Frankfurt am Main analysed the racine growth of the arabidopsis vithaliana with the support of da-cons. Da-cons created a video out of the 3D data sets that were aquirred by a light sheet microscope. Da-cons provided solutions to automatically identify racine hair tips, cell cores and the evaluation of growth rate.

This method can be applied to the research of fertilizer and pesiticde/insecticide effects on plants as well as the interaction between plants and pathogen. The individual and flexible image analsis utilities from da-cons allow the process analytics of plants in scale of micrometers.

(Data set kindly provided by: Daniel von Wangenheim @Physikalische BiologieBMLS - Goethe University Frankfurt am Main)

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Understanding toxic influences

A research project of the University of Karlsruhe (KIT with ITG and IAI) analyzed the toxic influences of substances in early development of zebra fish (vertebral beings) in vivo over the time. A video has been made with the 3D image data sets of a confocal flourescence microscope. By the nature of the image size and the time axis, the project produced large scale of data. The challenge was to extract and process the important information out of the vast quantity of data by the drastical reduction to the focussed area of interest.

(dataset kindly provided by: KIT Karlsuhe ITG und IAI)

The shown example was to determine the cell positions and movements over time. The information served to deduce the development and the impact of chemical poisons. The profound analytics help biologists to deduct meaningful / sound insights of vertebral ebings and cell movements under toxic influences.