"Get information from raw data"

News 2014

Dec 2014   3D-NordOst  (04th - 05th Dec14, Berlin)
da-cons gives a talk in the 3D-NordOst - the 17th use-oriented workshop of acquisition, modeling, handling and analysis of 3D dataset.
Nov 2014   izf-Event  (26th Nov14, Stuttgart)
da-cons attends izf-Event.
Nov 2014   EuroMold  (25th - 28th Nov14, Frankfurt am Main)
da-cons attends EuroMold.
Nov 2014   Vision  (04th - 06th Nov14, Stuttgart)
da-cons attends Vision.
Sep 2014   Genetic variation in plant breeding  (23rd - 25th Sep14, Kiel)
da-cons attends GPZ 2014: Genetic Variation in Plant Breeding.
Aug 2014   12th European Congress of Toxicologic Pathology Toxicopathology of the endocrine and endocrine regulated organsInternational  (27th - 30rd Aug14, Berlin)
da-cons attends "12th European Congress of Toxicologic Pathology Toxicopathology of the endocrine and endocrine regulated organsInternational".
Jul 2014   Gründerzeit 2014  (03rd Jul14, Karlsruhe)
da-cons is an exhibitor among other “high-tech start-ups” at "Gründerzeit 2014" (exhibition for start-ups, potential partners etc.).
Jun 2014   3D Cell Culture 2014  (25th - 27th Jun14, Freiburg)
da-cons attends 3D Cell Culture 2014.
Jun 2014   International Supercomputing Conference  (22nd - 26th Jun14, Leipzig)
da-cons attends International Supercomputing Conference 2014 (ISC).
May 2014   ELMI 2014  (19th - 25th May14, Oslo)
da-cons attends ELMI 2014.
May 2014   Control 2014 - International trade fair for quality assurance  (06th - 08th May14, Stuttgart)
da-cons attends Control 2014, an exhibition for quality assurance.
Apr 2014   Gründerschmiede
da-cons is mentioned in the blog “Gründernews” and participates in “Gründerschmiede” (initiative supported by KIT to assist students and employees with their entrepreneurship).
Apr 2014   EY Biotech Report 2014  (14th Apr14)
da-cons is mentioned in EY’s (Ernst & Young's) „Deutscher Biotechnologie-Report 2014“ (German Biotechnology Report 2014)
Apr 2014   Lightsheet Z.1 Technology Workshop  (08th - 09th Apr14, Munich)
da-cons gives a talk in a workshop on lightsheet microscopy technologies.
Apr 2014   Project completion for an important company  (04th Apr14)
da-cons & partners completed successfully a project for an important cosmetics company.
Apr 2014   Analytica 2014  (01st - 03th Apr14, Munich)
da-cons attends the Analytica 2014.
Apr 2014   in-cosmetics exhibition 2014  (01st - 03th Apr14, Hamburg)
da-cons attends the in-cosmetics 2014.
Mar 2014   PoF (Programme-oriented funding) review  (10th - 11th Mar14, Jülich)
da-cons represents, among other companies, the KIT in an important funding review by the Helmholtz Association in Jülich.
Mar 2014   Workshop „Datenformate“ (data formats)  (05th Mar14, Karlsruhe)
da-cons gives a talk in a workshop on data format development.
Feb 2014   Interview  (27th Feb14, Karlsruhe)
da-cons was interviewed by BioPro.
Feb 2014   BIO.NRW.academy  (12nd Feb14, Düsseldorf)
BIO.NRW.academy - "What goes through the skin?" Alternative test systems for the development of cosmetics and pharmaceutics.
Jan 2014   DLG - Technikertagung  (29th Jan14, Soest)
da-cons gives a talk at the DLG e.V. technicians congress.
Jan 2014   VDI-Nachrichten  (17th Jan14)
da-cons has been interviewed and portrayed in VDI-Nachrichten.