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News 2015

Dec 2015   Reorganization
da-cons hires three new employees for a project in the area of high-throughput phenotypisation.
Dec 2015   Reorganization
The successful histology division will be continued by a partner company. By dividing the fields of business both companies are able to concentrate on their expertise.
Nov 2015   Reorganization
The management is taken over by Sabrina Vera Quintana.
Oct 2015   Reorganization
The technical part is taken over by Dr. Michael Kreim.
Oct 2015   1. Rice Symposium (12th Okt15, Karlsruhe)
da-cons gives a talk on the Rice Symposium and presents the product CropScore.
Sep 2015   Cooperation
The KIT continues to work closely with da-cons.
Aug 2015   Reorganization
da-cons hires three new employees for a project in the area of histology.
Jul 2015   Meet & Match "Novel in-vitro Models for Drug Discovery and Toxicity Testing", organized by the BioPro Baden-Württemberg GmbH (01st Jul15, in the Novotel Hotel, Karlsruhe)
da-cons GmbH searches projectpartners for high throughput screening.
Jun 2015   Bonding job fair Karlsruhe 2015 (24th - 25th Jun15, conference center Karlsruhe)
da-cons searches talented programmers on this job fair - Bonding Website.
Apr 2015   Meet & Match "Informationssysteme zur Automatisierung in Biotech, Pharma und Medtech", organised by BioPro Baden-Württemberg GmbH (30th Apr15, Mannheim)
da-cons gives a talk of the new product development in the part of handling and analysis of digital images of histological slices.
Mar 2015   Final meeting / da-cons gets a certificate about participation in the Life Science Business Development Program (LSBDP) (17th Mar15, Heidelberg)
da-cons got its certificate for participation in the"Life Science Business Development Program". Many thanks to Technologiepark Heidelberg GmbH and especially to Mr. Dipl.-Betriebsw. Markus Bühler.
Mar 2015   CeBIT (16th - 20th Mar15, Hannover)
Thanks to INI-Novation GmbH our product CropScore will be exhibited at the CeBIT.
Jan 2015   DLG - Technikertagung (27th - 28th Jan15, Soest)
Computomics and da-cons attends the DLG e.V. technicians congress.
Jan 2015   PAG XXIII. (10th - 14th Jan15, San Diego)
da-cons is present at the stand of their partner Computomics at the "The Plant and Animal Genome XXIII Conference" (PAG XXIII.) – the world’s biggest agricultural genomics meeting. The joint product CropScore will be presented in San Diego. Many thanks again to Computomics!