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News 2017

Dec 2017   Future prospects for 2018
Negotiations with potential customers.
Nov 2017   Agritechnica (12. - 18.Nov17, Hanover)
da-cons is present at the Agritechnica 2017.
Oct 2017   Plant babies to be nourished
"Das SDSC-BW päppelt Pflanzenbabys auf." (En.: „The SDSC-BW nourishes plant babies.“) da-cons cooperates with institutes and creates innovations. The teams of SDSC-BW and da-cons completed a project together. By using machine learning, it was possible to optimize the precision of the image analysis.
Sep 2017   Personnel restructuring
The sales department team grew significantly and was restructured.
Aug 2017   Development of an additional product
We expanded our product portfolio in cooperation with our clients and partners.
Jul 2017   Close cooperation with NetSyno
NetSyno and da-cons cooperate and develop new visions.
Jun 2017   Cooperation with Merck KGaA
We are proud to announce our new cooperation with Merck KGaA in a new sector.
May 2017   Participation at Innovation Award of Baden-Wurtemberg (2017)
Participation at Innovation Award of Baden-Wurtemberg (2017) respectively of the Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Preis
Mar 2017   Expansion of the product portfolio
Increased need for technical assistance on open land.
Feb 2017   DLG - Technikertagung (31.Jan17 - 01.Feb17, Hanover)
da-cons is present at the DLG - Technikertagung. It is the 48th symposium of the DLG "Experiments for the plant productions" (dt.: „Versuchswesen in der Pflanzenproduktion“). Details will be enclosed ...
Jan 2017   Article in "PHYS.ORG"
Identifying genes that make plants more resistant to stress factors