"Get information from raw data"


The last few years have seen impressive developments in biotechnological techniques and in processes for image acquisition in dynamic 3D microscopy and 3D cell biology. The latest 3D microscopes can deliver an enormous richness of detail. This then raises the issue of how to analyse the resultant data promptly.

(data set kindly provided by Daniel von Wangenheim @Physikalische BiologieBMLS - Goethe University Frankfurt am Main)


Handling large 3D, 4D or 5D imaging data files that can be up to several gigabytes, terabytes or even petabytes in size requires immense computational power. Traditional processes can no longer adequately deal with the increased demands placed on computational power and data management. We have developed a range of concepts for analysing your imaging data effectively and efficiently. We have succeeded in converting the latest technologies derived from research into products that you can use.


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