"Get information from raw data"

Consulting for analysis, archiving and visualisation

Experiments depend on a range of different factors that all contribute to the quality of the results. It is therefore just as important to plan an experiment carefully as it is to conduct it meticulously and use the correct tools for analysis.

da-cons can take you through each step of your experiment, from planning, imaging and analysis to preparing and saving the results. If need be, we can turn to one of our partners for specialist support. Our team consists of experts in a range of different scientific fields, all of whom are qualified and skilled in image processing, with many years of experience in this area.

  • Are you planning an experiment but are unsure whether it is feasible?
  • Are you developing a project and need support in planning it?
  • Do you need to optimise one of your experiments and would like a specialist consultant to help you do this?
  • Or would you like to find out how our services could help you?

Then please feel free to contact us – we will put you in touch with the right person to answer your queries competently and help you develop the right concept to solve your problem.