"Get information from raw data"

Service from da-cons for visualisation

Visualisations can help you to display your results visually and illustrate relationships.

Do you want to display your results visually?

Using either your raw data or the data gained from the analyses, we can create visualisations on request as:

  • Videos
  • Images from a range of different perspectives
  • Statistics
  • 3D representations
  • 3D prints
  • CAD models
  • Interactive VR (virtual reality)

Our flexibility in this respect means that development processes, movements and specific features can be recorded and visualised in the way that you would like. We work with specialist partners to provide you with the best service possible.

Example: 3D visualisation of a spheroid (= a large number of human cells that replicate specific tissue types)

(Data set kindly provided by Francesco Pampaloni @ Physikalische Biologie ; BMLS - Goethe University Frankfurt am Main)